To Keep or Store: 5 Things You Can Throw Out During Spring Cleaning

Posted on March 18, 2019

To Keep or Store: 5 Things You Can Throw Out During Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung and it is the perfect time to declutter your home. As you consider what to put in your storage unit and what to throw out, it may be difficult to make the tough decisions. At Spaceman Storage we have some experience in this and are here to offer five things you should throw away, recycle, or donate rather than keep.

  1. Old Electronics
  2. If you have old electronics that you’re not using, there’s no reason to keep them around. It may be that you have a drawer full of cords and you’re not longer sure what the cords go to, or if you have what the cords are for. You may have old electronics that cost a lot when you bought them but that you don’t use anymore and are no longer worth anything. There’s no reason to let these take up space in your home or in your storage unit.

  3. Outdated Clothing
  4. Are you holding on to clothes in the hope that they will come back into style? Do you have clothes that used to fit you that you hope will fit you again? It’s best not to hold on to any of these clothes. First, your old clothes are not likely to come back into style. Second, if you do fit into your old clothes again, you should reward yourself by investing in new, fun wardrobe.

  5. Duplicate Kitchen Items
  6. Over the years, many people end up with duplicates of many items, especially kitchen items. Do you have more than one set of dishware? Did you somehow end up with three waffle irons? If you can do without the duplicates, and you don’t use them on a regular basis, donate them to a worthy cause or pass them on to someone who can use them.

  7. Clutter You’ve Stored
  8. If you have stored items for no reason other than not knowing what to do with it, then it’s time to get rid of it. This includes things in your garage, basement, closets, attic, and yes, your storage unit. Go through the boxes. Ask yourself if you will realistically ever use it or if you’re just holding on to it because you don’t know what else to do with it.

  9. Kid’s Toys
  10. It can be hard to get rid of your kid’s toys, even when the kids are done with them. It can be hard to see the little ones grow up and no longer want their younger toys. That said, there is no reason to let those toys clutter up your home. If they are not going to be use again, get rid of them.

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