Stuck Celebrating in a Tiny Home This Holiday Season? Learn Three Ways to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

Stuck Celebrating in a Tiny Home This Holiday Season? Learn Three Ways to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

There are pros and cons to living in a tiny space. The advantage is that it is more affordable, but the downsides can be significant. However, this holiday season you do not have to let your small home or apartment be a hinderance. At Spaceman Storage, we are always ready for you to store excess items or furniture in our self-storage facility. You can also keep reading to learn three other tricks that can help.

  1. Light and Color Can Be Used to Your Advantage
  2. If your walls are painted dark colors then you are have less light than you should – which makes the area feel smaller than it is. You can fool the eye and help your space look bigger by painting the walls light colors. Cream, white, and tan all reflect light to make areas look bigger. You can also add your own light via table lamps, small candles, have. These not only help the space look bigger but add ambiance that helps the lack of space feel homey.

  3. Push the Eyes Toward the Ceiling
  4. If you want a space to look larger, one trick to use is to bring the eyes to the ceiling. You can do this by installing shelves above windows or doors. Or put wallpaper on the ceiling so that it attracts the attention of people. Anything you can do to make the room seem taller will help it look bigger. If you use a unique stencil or wallpaper on the ceiling, it will also act as a beautiful focal point for the room.

  5. Stripes Can Fool the Eye
  6. You may know that when it comes to clothing, if you wear vertical stripes you may look taller, while horizontal stripes can make a person look wider around. The same is true if you add stripes in the room. You can use a long run with vertical stripes to help your room seem longer. You can extend the space you do have by using stripes to your advantage and by putting rugs in each room. They can help the space look both larger and cozier.

Decluttering Can Make Your Space Look Larger – And We Can Help!

If your small home or apartment has ready belongings in it, it will look cramped and hindrance. Whether you want to get rid of some larger pieces for months or years, or just during the holidays, you will appreciate the variety of storage options at Spaceman Storage. Stop by today or give us a call with any questions you may have.