Storage FAQ’s

Learn more about self storage in Whittier with these FAQs

Are you considering investing in self storage in Whittier for the first time? Are you a veteran storage user looking for a new home for your stuff? Either way, you can find excellent information about Spaceman Storage in these FAQs.

What Kinds of Items Can I Put in Self Storage in Whittier?

Self storage in Whittier can be used for just about any item you need to store, from books, clothes, and furniture to tools, bikes, and boats. However, we do not allow any flammable, hazardous, or spoilable items to be stored in our facility. Additionally, we do not recommend storing any heat-sensitive items such as electronics or photo albums in units that do not have climate control.

Will My Stuff Be Safe in Your Facility?

Our facility is protected by gated access and 24 hour video surveillance. In addition, we have staff members on site during office hours as well as a resident manager to remain on the lookout for suspicious activity and guard our facility against unauthorized access. We make every effort to keep our storage units in excellent condition and respond promptly to any damage that may be caused by acts of God. However, all clients are advised to protect their own belongings with insurance.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

Yes, but our contracts are very flexible. You may rent your self storage unit on a month-to-month basis or sign a longer contract and prepay for 12 or more months to receive a discount on your rent.

What If I’m Not Sure How Much Space I Need?

Seeing different size storage units in person often helps people visualize how much space they need for their stuff. We invite you to stop by for a tour of our facility any time during office hours.

Do You Have Vehicle Storage?

We do not have any dedicated outdoor vehicle storage spaces. However, we do have some large lower-level units such as the 10×30 or 12×20 units that could accommodate a vehicle.

What Kind of Lock Should I Use?

We recommend using disc locks because these are considered the most secure type of padlock.

What Happens If My Rent Is Late?

California state law outlines a detailed procedure to follow when rent is late or unpaid on self storage in Whittier. We follow this procedure to the letter and provide clients with multiple opportunities to catch up on their rent obligations before taking the final, last-resort step of selling the contents of the unit at auction.