Make the Most of a Small Dining Space by Following These Three Simple Rules

Posted on July 9, 2019

Make the Most of a Small Dining Space by Following These Three Simple Rules

Most people would love to have a large living room but it is not always a possibility in Southern California. The good news is that there are steps you can take to get more out of the space you do have. Keep reading to learn what they are and the contact Spaceman Storage for all your storage needs.

  1. Don’t Let Your Dining Table Turn into a Mail Table
  2. One of the easiest ways to lose the little space you have is to let your dining table turn into a place to leave mail, keys, and other miscellaneous things you may not know where to place. If this has happened to you, don’t just clear the table of – find place to put what’s on it. If it’s covered in mail, buy a mail organizer. If it’s keys that keep cluttering the table, buy key hooks. The idea is that simply removing the items won’t help if you end up putting it all back – find a permanent solution to prevent the issue from happening again.

  3. Use Storage Bins for Clothing
  4. If the issue with your dining area is that it’s the place everyone puts their coats, shoes, hats, etc., when coming in the door, create storage bins near the door that are perfect for this purpose. Label them so that everyone in the household knows where to put each item. Create a reward system to help encourage everyone to get used to the bins and to use them.

  5. Get Rid of Anything You Will Not Be Using
  6. If your dining area has become a place to store items you are not using, consider getting rid of the clutter. Do you need all those knickknacks? Are you letting space go wasted simply to show off something that you don’t love anymore? Do you have fancy china that you do not use taking up shelf space?

Think about your dining room like this: Are you going to use the items in it in the next six months? If you do not anticipate doing so, then it is time to find another place for it.

We Are Here to Help with All Your Storage Needs

If you do deciding that there are items in your dining area that you do not need, then you can get rid of them. However, it may be that you have items you do want but not in the small space you have. This is where self-storage centers come in handy. You can keep your items here and they will be safe and secure – yet they will not be taking up valuable room.

Not sure if storage is the right solution for you? Consider these frequently asked questions about storage, or call Spaceman Storage at 562-696-3924 to learn more.