Learn Where to Store Your Extra Belongings: Garage, Attic, or Basement

Posted on August 6, 2019

Learn Where to Store Your Extra Belongings: Garage, Attic, or Basement

If you have extra items and don’t know where to put them, you may wonder: Are they safe to store in the garage, attic, or basement? Or do I need a storage unit? Read on to find out what’s really safe in these areas. If you are ready to find out more about your storage options, contact Spaceman Storage at 562-696-3924 at your convenience.

Storing Items in the Attic

It is common for people to store items in the attic, and this makes sense. It’s a great place to put items you do not want to get rid of but also do not want cluttering up your home. People often store holiday decorations, suitcases, mesh furniture, and other items they need once in a while but not frequently. However, there is one big issue with this: They often forget they are there.

Some items you know to look for in the attic, such as holiday decorations. However, with other items you may wonder, “Where did we put that . . . “ and forget to look in the attic at all. Instead, you may buy a new one. Also be aware that you should only store items in the attic that are not likely to get temperature damage, as it can get very hot in that space.

Storing Items in the Basement

If you have a basement, you may think it’s a great place to store extra items but that is often not the case. Consider that it is one of the first places that will take on water if a flood happens. Basements are also very humid, which increases the chances of mold growing. Do not store items such as photos, fabrics, or paper documents that are most likely to be affected by mold. Do not store wood furniture, anything flammable, or any thing delicate.

Some items that could be safe to store in the basement include plastic furniture, kitchen supplies, and certain toys. However, remember that mold can easily ruin any of these. A storage unit could be a much better option.

Storing Items in the Garage

A well-built garage is generally a fairly safe place to store items, especially if it is insulated. However, the more items you store in the garage, the less room you have to keep your car. Adding a few shelves and / or storage bins can help you store small items such as gardening tools, holiday décor, and work tools. For larger, seasonal options, such as patio furniture, self-storage may be a better option.

If you are curious about your options or need help deciding what type of unit to choose, contact Spaceman Storage at 562-696-3924 and we can help you find the right options.