How to Store DVDs, Books, Records, and CDs without Wasting Space

Posted on July 23, 2019

Though there may be more ways that ever before to buy media without buying a physical product, what do you do with your older media? If you are not ready yet to throw away the DVDs, books, records, and CDs you have been collecting over the years, consider the following tips on how to store them. If you need additional storage help, contact Spaceman Storage at 562-696-3924 to learn more.

Give Up Your Hard Cases

There is no reason to keep your CDs and DVDs in hard cases. Doing so requires that they take up 10 times the amount of space they need to. Instead, you can place them safely in binders. You can even put them in there with their sheets to ensure you still have access to all the information on them. These binders will protect the CDs and DVDs from damage, and will give you back a lot of room that was otherwise being wasted. This also makes it easier for you to move them from your home to a friend’s, the car, etc.

Make Use of Any Wall Space You Have

Of course, you may want to display the movies, CDs, or books you have. If so, and you are running out of room on bookshelves, consider installing shelves directly to the walls. This gives you the extra storage you want, without requiring that you buy more bookshelves that take up floor space. You can even choose uniquely shaped or colored shelves to add personality to your room.

Consider Transferring Your Physical Media to Digital Media

The best way to free up a lot of space is to take your physical media and turn it into digital media. This gives you access to it 24 hours a day from anywhere you can access cloud storage. If you are not tech savvy and do not know how to do this, there are companies in the area who can convert your files for you. You can then keep the physical media in a self-storage unit if you are not yet ready to part with it.

Saving Media as a Collector? Use a Self-Storage Unit

If you are not saving your media because you believe you will use it, but rather to hold on to it until the price increases, then self-storage is the best option. At Spaceman Storage we offer a wide range of storage unit sizes and can keep your items safe and secure from water, fire, and theft.

It can be difficult to say goodbye to the media that’s gotten you through so much of your life. The good news is that you can get it out of the way without having to get rid of it. Contact us at 562-696-3924 or stop by to learn more about your options.