How to Create the Closet You’ve Always Dreamed Of – On a Budget

Posted on April 21, 2020
How to Create the Closet You’ve Always Dreamed Of – On a Budget

If you have some extra time on your hands this month, it may finally be time to start on all those projects you’ve always wished you had time to complete. At Spaceman Storage we suggest checking through your closet to see if now may be a good time to finally care the closet of your dreams. Check out these tips to help make it a reality.

Buy Nicer Hangers

Yes, really! If you are using wire hangers or even plastic hangers, your closet does not look as beautiful as you wish it would. You may not have thought of this as a reason but consider what your closet would look like with wood or velvet hangers. They look great, work great, and add a lovely, classy look to your closet. This is a fairly inexpensive change that can have a big difference.

Get Rid of as Much as You Can

When you picture your perfect closet, do you picture one that organized or one that is shoved full of clothing? You may love all your clothing but if you do not love the look of having it all tight in your closet, get rid of as much as you can. Use a box for donating and a box for trash. Then organize by season. There is no reason to clutter up your summer closet with winter clothing.

If you do not have room to store your extra clothing, consider a self-storage option. At Spaceman Storage we have a wide range of sizes so you can find the exact unit you need. Keep your extra clothing clean, dust-free, and secure while opening up tons of room in your closet.

Organize by Color

Once you have pared down to just what you are likely to be used in the next month or two, organize your closet by color. This is the most helpful way to do it because it allows you to choose one piece of clothing and work from there. For example, maybe you feel like wearing a pair of brown slacks. Now move to the area with shirts and focus on the area of the color wheel that works with brown slacks.

Keep Out Items That Don’t Belong in Your Closet

How much of the clutter in your closet is clothing and how much is stuff that has no place being there? If you store old pictures, old yearbooks, or anything in your closet that is not directly related to fashion then you should find another place to store it. Once again, this is a great option for utilizing self-storage options.

At Spaceman Storage we believe you can truly create your dream closet not by adding anything but by getting rid of what you do not need. Call us now at 562-696-3924 to learn about the different sizes and options we have available for you.