Have you been tidying your home?

Have you been tidying your home?

Marie Kondo’s bestselling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up” and her wildly popular Netflix TV show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” are taking American culture by storm these days. So many people are posting and commenting on various social media outlets about how they have recently become inspired to hold each and every item they own, decide whether it brings them joy, and either keep and treasure it more or get rid of it.

Now, before you throw your items in the trash or donation bin, you may realize that they hold some objective value. Perhaps you could sell them in a yardsale or Facebook group and get some cash that you could really use right now. If that’s the case for you, then we recommend putting a pause on your decluttering frenzy, pack up your items in clearly-labeled boxes, and bring them to Spaceman Storage for secure, convenient storage. The items will be out of your home so you’ll be able to focus on what really brings you joy and you’ll be able to deal with them when the time is right.

Our storage units

Here at Spaceman Storage, it is our mission to meet your storage needs. We have storage units of various sizes, and we would be happy to recommend one that will meet your needs well, depending on what you plan to store. You can check out our online calculator here, or come to check out our storage units in person and speak with our expert staff for more personalized recommendations.

Our storage unit sizes and their corresponding prices can be found here. You’ll find that our prices are reasonable and affordable for just about any budget. Please call us at 562-696-3924 or stop by for information about availability and rental terms.

Best value for your money

We invite you to compare us to various other local storage facilities. You’ll find that we offer the best value for your money because all of our storage units have extra tall ceilings. Each one of our storage units features an extra 4 feet of vertical space, so you’ll get the most space for your money at Spaceman Storage.

Tidy up, then come to Spaceman Storage

Whether you’re done tidying up your home or you’re just getting started, getting a storage unit at Spaceman Storage is the best way to transition valuable items out of your home without throwing them away. You’ll be able to enjoy the refreshing, energizing feeling of your simplified home right away, and you’ll be able to deal with your items at a reasonable pace. Whether you decide to sell or donate your items when the time is right for you – you won’t have to hurry when you have an affordable, convenient storage unit at Spaceman Storage.

Come to Spaceman Storage today! We’re located at 12212 Bailey Street Whittier, CA 90601 and our business hours are Mon–Sat 9:00am to 5:30pm, Sun 9:00am to 4:00pm. Our phone number is 562-696-3924.