Get Answers to Your Most Commonly Asked Questions About Self Storage

Posted on April 20, 2019

Get Answers to Your Most Commonly Asked Questions About Self Storage

Are you thinking about investing in self-storage? If so, you likely have questions about how the process works. How much does it cost? How big of a unit should you get? For answers to these and other questions, keep reading. Then stop by or give Spaceman Storage a call at 562-696-3924 with any other questions you have.

What Types of Items Can I Put in My Storage Unit?

The great news is that you can put just about any type of item in a storage unit. Some of the most commonly stored items include books, clothes, furniture, bikes, exercise equipment, and bikes. However, there are a few things we don’t allow. That includes anything that is flammable, hazardous, or could spoil.

If you have items that can be damaged by heat (such as photo albums or electronics) then we recommend only storing those if you have a climate control unit.

How Safe Are My Belongings in a Storage Unit?

When you choose to put your belongings in our Whittier storage center, it will be extremely safe. Our facility is protected with 24-hour gated access and video surveillance. During regular business hours, we have staff on site and there is a resident manager who can keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. They also work to prevent unauthorized access to the facility.

We work hard to keep our property in great condition and we respond very quickly to any reported damage. All of that said, we always recommend that clients protect their belongings with insurance no matter where it is stored.

Is it Necessary to Sign a Contract?

Yes. However, you will find that our contract options are very flexible. You have options including renting your storage unit on a month-to-month basis, or signing a longer contract. If you prepay for 12 or more months, you get a discount on your storage unit rent but you are certainly not required to have a contract that long.

How Do I Decide How Much Space I Need?

We offer a calculator that makes it easy – just plug in what you plan to store and we can give you an idea of what size storage unit you need. Likewise, you can also stop by during regular business hours to see examples for yourself. Once you get a tour of the facility, it will be much easier to visualize how much space you need.

Do You Offer Vehicle Service?

We do not have units specifically set out for storing vehicles. That said, we do have some larger level units that could accommodate vehicles. Call Spaceman Storage at 562-696-3924 to get the details.