Do You Have DVDs to Sell? Check Out These Three Tips to Get Top Dollar

Do You Have DVDs to Sell? Check Out These Three Tips to Get Top Dollar

When you go through your belongings to decide what to put in self-storage and what to get rid of, remember that some items may be worth selling. A common option that is generally easy to sell for a fair price is DVDs. Keep reading to find out three tips to sell your DVDs. If you are not ready to sell them, our storage center is a great alternative option that allows you to hold on to them.

  1. Make Sure They Work
  2. It may sound silly, but the first step is the simplest: Make sure each and every DVD works. Put the disc into a player and make sure it plays. If you sell a DVD that does not work or that has serious issues, you may be required to make a refund and you could have issues selling other goods in the future. Even if your DVDs worked perfectly the last time you watched them, remember that if they were put in unsafe storage, they could have been damaged while simple sitting in a box.

  3. Decide Where to Sell Them
  4. There are many online retailers with whom you can list your DVDs for sale. From ebay to Craigslist to Facebook Marketplace, the right option for you will depend on a number of factors. For example, if you live in a big city, Facebook Marketplace allows you to find buyers locally which reduces shipping costs. People who live in smaller cities may want to choose an option like ebay that allows them to sell to people anywhere in the world.

  5. Offer as Much Information as Possible
  6. Do not assume that people know anything about what you are selling. You may think that simply listing the names of the titles is enough but it is not. Does the DVD come with the original packaging? What is the condition? How many discs are included? Is it the standard edition or a deluxe edition? Be honest when you describe the state of the DVDs and include photos of both sides of the disc so potential buyers can view the state themselves.

You Have Somewhere to Store Extra DVDs and Other Belongings

If you find you are having a tough time selling your DVDs, or you simply don’t want to sell them, then you may decide to keep them – but where will you put them? At Spaceman Storage we offer a number of storage options and sizes. Whether you need to store an entire home’s worth of things or just your extra DVDs and video games, we have you set. Call us now at 562-696-3924 or stop by during business hours.