Could Your Small Business Benefit from Self-Serve Storage?

Posted on May 7, 2019

Could Your Small Business Benefit from Self-Serve Storage?

Every small business owner has their own unique set of problems. They may be looking to get more customers or they may have issues keeping up with the demand. While we can’t help with small business taxes or regulations, we can help offer self-serve storage space that can help make it easier to run your business.

If your storefront or workplace is cluttered then it can easily keep customers or clients away. Clutter can make it harder to focus and get work done, harder to find essential paper work, and harder to keep documents safe from damage. This is why many small businesses are beginning to understand that renting a storage unit is a great business decision.

Use Self-Service Storage to Securely Store Documents

When paperwork and essential documents such as client information, insurance policies, or contracts starts to accumulate in your office space, it may be time to move some of it to storage. Likewise, if you have documents that are truly irreplaceable, you may want to move them to a place where they will be safe from flood or fire. Keep your documents with us, where we have surveillance cameras and secured access.

Self-Storage is Convenient

It is extremely convenient to rent self-service storage from Spaceman Storage. You will have access to your belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you want to pick something up on the weekend, you can. If you want to drop off documents late at night on your way home, you can do that too. Our on-site management is here for extended hours as well, which makes it easy to discuss any issues with us.

Clear Up Space in Your Office by Taking Advantage of Storage Solutions

What would you do with more space in your office? Would you buy new equipment that could make your job easier? Would extra space free up room for more merchandise? Could you fit another worker into your office if you had space? No matter what your business, the space that is currently holding things that could otherwise be in storage could likely be put to better use.

Come to Spaceman Storage to store your important documents, point of service equipment not currently in use, samples you don’t need on a regular basis, import and export goods, unused furniture or equipment, inventory overflow, seasonal products, surplus office supplies, sales materials, and out of season store displays.

When you have extra storage space you can also take advantage of ways to save money. For example, the more you buy of many products, the cheaper it is per product. However, you may not have the room to store products you won’t need for another six months. This is where storage can once again in come in handy. Stop by our offices or give us a call at 562-696-3924 to learn more.