Could Self-Storage Be the Secret Weapon to Meeting Your Fitness Goals in 2020?

Could Self-Storage Be the Secret Weapon to Meeting Your Fitness Goals in 2020?

As the new year begins, many people are looking for ways to ensure they make their New Year’s resolutions and there may be no resolution more common than getting into shape. At Spaceman Storage we know that you may not think of self-service storage as the answer to meeting your fitness goals but you could be surprised.

Make Room for Workout Gear

One of the first things you need is the right clothing. If you do not have the right clothes and shoes, you are much more likely to be uncomfortable or even hurt yourself. The right gear will depend on how you are exercising. For example, a runner needs different shoes than someone who goes to dance exercise classes.

If you don’t think you have room to add any new clothes to your home, consider storing some of your clothing in self-storage to make room for the new. We recommend storing anything that does not fit you. Think of how wonderful it will be to pull it back into your home closet when you reach your fitness goal and it fits again.

Make Room for Meal Prep

If you want to eat well then it is essential to plan ahead. In fact, if you can plan your meals for an entire week and prep them at once, you will be much more likely to come home from a workout and follow your meal plan – but this can feel impossible in a cluttered kitchen full of gadgets you no longer need. Take the deep fat fryer into storage and give it to your favorite niece or nephew on their 18th birthday. Make sure you make room for plenty of food storage containers, too!

Get Ready to Workout at Home

You made room for your workout clothing, you made room for your meal prep items – now make room to exercise. This could mean simply clearing off an area in the living room to put down your yoga mat, or it could mean clearing out an entire room to bring in your exercise bike. Remember that at Spaceman Storage we offer a variety of storage options to ensure we can meet your exact needs. Bring in just a bag or two or store an entire basement’s worth of things.

We Can Help You Make Room

If you need advice on the best way to pack up and get into storage, we recommend working with the storage experts at Spaceman Storage. You will appreciate that our storage facility has on-staff management, is secure, and is flexible to provide just the amount of storage you want. If you would like to learn more, contact us at 562-696-3924 or stop by at your convenience.