Choose Your Local, Family-Owned Company for Exceptional Storage Solutions

Choose Your Local, Family-Owned Company for Exceptional Storage Solutions

If you have more in your home than you need – yet you don’t want to get rid of anything – then it may be time to find a storage solution. It’s true that there are plenty of options in the Whittier, CA area but it is also true that Spaceman Storage offers exactly what you need. Keep reading to find out what makes us special and then contact us at 562-696-3924 to get started.

Other Facilities Are Fully Automated – We Have Actual People Here to Help!

You will find that many storage companies in the area are entirely automated. If you have an issue and/or need to talk to someone, you’ll find yourself standing by your car on a telephone, staring at a storage unit you’re having issues with. At Spaceman Storage you can walk right in and talk to a member of our staff during business hours. This is just one reason that our storage facility is a better solution.

We Have the Experience to Help with All Your Self-Storage Needs

Most people these days have experienced walking into a store and finding that no one was really qualified to answer what seemed to be a fairly simple question. For example, it used to be that you could go to the hardware store and get advice on what type of tool you needed for your project. Now you are likely to find a minimum wage employee who is no expert in tools.

We know this can be frustrating and we are proud that our staff has more than 27 years in the storage business. We can help you determine what size unit you need, what type of unit, and even how to storage tough-to-store objects. Trust us – in the decades we’ve been doing this, we’ve just about seen it all!

Choose the Clean, Convenient Option

Since we are actually on site, we can keep our facility clean. Others require users to alert them to serious issues. If a vandal were to put graffiti on a gate, they would not know until they got a call days or weeks earlier. We would know right away and take steps. We pride ourselves on providing clean, safe, secure storage so that you can always feel confident coming to us.

Are You Ready to Learn More About Your Options?

Do you want to know how much storage costs? How you can find the right storage unit for your needs? Do you need help choosing the right type of unit? We are here to answer your questions. Give Spaceman Storage a call at 562-696-3924 or stop by during business hours to tour our facilities. We look forward to working with you.