Are You Planning to Put a Musical Instrument in Self-Storage? Learn How to Safely Pack and Store It

Are You Planning to Put a Musical Instrument in Self-Storage? Learn How to Safely Pack and Store It

If you have musical instruments that you are not regularly using, you might decide to put them away for a while. Whether they’re your own instruments or the instruments of your kid who’s away at college, you want to make sure that you’re storing them correctly. First, make sure you are choosing the right self-storage option. Then read on to learn about the important tips to keep it safe while storing.

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It All Starts with the Right Case and Padding

It does not matter if you are storing the instrument for a few weeks or a few years, you need to make sure that it is stored in the right case. Ideally, you would use the case that was designed specifically for your exact instrument. If you cannot do that, then use a case that was made for the type of instrument you are storing.

If that is also not an option, then look for a case that will fit the shape of the instrument and that also has water-proof qualities. Yes, our location is secure and free from water damage, but you will be moving it to and from our location, and it is always best to err on the side of caution. If you try to store the instrument in a cardboard box or other inadequate case, you can bet that its lifespan will be shortened.

In the event that you are storing a drum set, piano, or another instrument that does not fit in a case, make sure you reinforce every exposed area and vulnerable piece using thick padding. Absent that, you can use a sheet or tarp. While padding is better, any type of cover can help reduce scuffing or damage while the piece is being moved.

Bring Your Instrument in Cleaned, Polished, and Prepared

It is best to store your instrument in its top condition. If it is a brass instrument, make sure that it is polished with a white cotton cloth. Then clean out the inside with a brush. If it is a woodwind, then you would do mostly the same but use wax paste instead of polish. Keyboards and guitars should be wiped free from smudges with cotton cloths. Before storing a guitar, loosen the strings to keep tension at a minimum.

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