Are You Not Sure How to Organize Your Storage Unit? Let Us Show You the Best Tips

Posted on July 21, 2020
Are You Not Sure How to Organize Your Storage Unit? Let Us Show You the Best Tips

If you have made the great choice to get a self-storage unit then you have taken a step in the right direction. At this point, many people start to get nervous. Why? Because they don’t know the best way to organize their unit. Of course, the answer depends on what you are storing and how long it will be stored. However, at Spaceman Storage we can offer some general best practices to make the most of your storage unit. Call us at 562-696-3924 if you have questions.

Start with the Right Boxes and Containers

Cardboard is an affordable, easy option for moving items but it is not the best option for storing them. We recommend plastic containers. If you choose clear options, you can easily see what is inside them without having to dig through and open up a dozen or more boxes just to find a single skirt.

Make Sure to Label Every Box

When you are moving, it might seem obvious what is one box. It might seem that you can see through a clear container to note that a tub has Christmas decorations in it. However, you might not be looking at the contents of your unit for months or even years.

How certain are you that you will remember what is in each box at that point? Note as well that even if tubs are clear, the lid is not – and you might not be able to see the side when you are looking amongst many boxes. Label boxes on the front and top so that you can instantly see what they are from various sides.

Create an Inventory

For even easier access to exactly what you need, make an inventory of everything you are packing. Number each box, write down the number of each box on your inventory sheet, and write what is in the box under the number. This makes it very easy to instantly know where something is. We recommend keeping this list in your storage unit so that you always know where it is and have access to it every time you are at the unit.

Make Space for an Aisle and Put Frequently Needed Items in the Front

Too often, a person rents a storage space and immediately starts filling it with boxes. They start at the back, stack them, and work forward. There are a few potential issues with this. First, once you get a few rows stacked, you will not be able to access the back rows. Second, you might be putting items in the back that you need to use more frequently.

Get your boxes filled and inventoried first. Then decide how to place them based on who often you are likely to need access.