Are You Considering Warehouse Storage? Learn Why Self-Storage is a Better Option

Posted on October 8, 2019

Are You Considering Warehouse Storage? Learn Why Self-Storage is a Better Option

If you have extra items that need to be put into storage, you have a few options. Two of the most popular are warehouse storage and self-storage. At Spaceman Storage we would like to ensure that you understand the situations in which self-storage is a better option. Keep reading to learn more and then contact us at 562-696-3924 for more information.

Self-Storage Has Higher Security

It is essential that you choose a facility with high security. Otherwise, why not just leave it unsecured in your backyard? At Spaceman Storage we not only have state of the art safety systems in place, but we also have on-sight management during business hours. Your unit will be locked with a padlock that only you have a key too. It simply couldn’t be more secure.

You Have Better Privacy

Even if the items you have to store are not particularly personal, do you want just anyone to have access to them? If not, then you should choose self-storage. You can store expensive and/or private items without worrying about them being seen or stolen. There are many security solutions put into place when you choose Spaceman Storage which prevents both issues with your privacy being violated and things being stolen.

In a warehouse, many people enter them throughout the day. Many people could have access to where your items are stored, from cleaning personnel to people working in the warehouse. Settle your things within a storage unit and know who has access to everything you keep there.

Self-Storage is a Long-Term Solution

When deciding between the two, think about how often you are likely to visit your storage unit. If you are a student and storing items for a few months, you will not be visiting often. Do you want to trust that your items are safe? Or do you want to know what you are the only one who can access your items? When you have a private storage facility, you do not have to worry about it, no matter how short or long your storage contract is for.

At Spaceman Storage we offer a wide range of options so that whether you are looking for long-term storage or just a few weeks or months, we have you covered.

Call Us Now and We Can Answer All Your Questions

Do you have questions about how the self-storage system works? Do you want to know more about how we can help you with all your storage needs? Then we urge you to contact Spaceman Storage at 562-696-3924. You can also stop by – we are one of the few storage facilities that actually have an on-location staff so that you will have someone to talk to directly if you are here during business hours.