3 Reasons to Store Your Belongings in Cardboard Boxes Over Plastic Containers

Posted on April 10, 2019

3 Reasons to Store Your Belongings in Cardboard Boxes Over Plastic ContainersWhether you’re moving or putting extra belongings into storage, you likely have two storage containers you are considering: Plastic and cardboard. It may seem that because plastic totes are generally more expensive, they are automatically a better choice. In fact, this is the opposite of the truth. Keep reading to learn why cardboard is a better option than plastic. If you need help choosing a storage unit, contact Spaceman Storage at 562-696-3924 for help.

  1. They’re Designed Specifically for Moving
  2. Carboard boxes were made to be used while moving. They are flexible. They are durable. They manage to be both lightweight yet very strong. Not only will they protect your belongings, but they will also help protect the environment – they are eco-friendly and recyclable. You can choose from a nearly endless number of sizes and different sizes can easily be stacked together.

  3. Cardboard Boxes Prevent Wasted Space
  4. When you get a plastic tote, it may or may not be perfectly square or rectangular. It is common for plastic tote lids to overhang, which results in gaps between totes when they are stacked. On the other hand, cardboard boxes perfectly align and do not waste space. If you’re renting a smaller storage space, it is important to take advantage of every inch of room you have – and carboard helps you do that. In fact, you may need less space overall, which could allow you to save money by renting a smaller unit.

  5. It’s Easy to Store Cardboard Boxes When They Are Not in Use
  6. Another great aspect of working with cardboard boxes is the fact that they are easy to tear down and fold away when they are not in use. If you need extra space, and your boxes aren’t full, you can break them down and put them away. Once you need them, just put them back in shape and add some tape.

On the other hand, your plastic tote will take up as much room when it’s not in use as it does when it is in use. You cannot fold them or store them. As a result, plastic totes should only be used if you expect that whatever you are storing in them will be stored in them forever.

Do You Need Tips for Storing or Moving?

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