3 Reasons to Rent Out a Room in Your Home – and How a Storage Unit Can Help You

Posted on August 20, 2019

3 Reasons to Rent Out a Room in Your Home – and How a Storage Unit Can Help You

It is common these days for a person who thinks about renting out their home to think of renting it on Airbnb. This can be a good option but it is not the only way. Whatever reason you decide to rent out a room, a storage unit can help you store items you don’t want in the way, don’t want cluttering up the space, or don’t want put in danger of being damaged or stolen.

  1. You Can Make Extra Money
  2. The top reason most people rent out their extra room is to make a little money. Some people use Airbnb income to pay part of their mortgage, to pay or upgrades, or to add to funds for vacation or retirement. In some cases, people want extra money to simply have extra money on hand, while others need extra income to make up for reduced income from their employer. Retired folks often rent out a room or two to help make ends meet as their benefits are reduced.

  3. You Can Meet New People
  4. Folks who love spending time with others, but perhaps are unable to do so for various reasons, may enjoy the company of renting out a room. For example, a person on disability may be mostly housebound but find a friend in a roommate. A person who has retired may have friends who work and not see them often. Having a long-term tenant or new folks coming in via Airbnb can be a great way to have company.

  5. You Can Find Help Sharing the Workload
  6. If you are taking on a full-time, long-term roommate, one benefit may be having someone to share the workload with. Whether you’re not able to do the physical labor, such as mowing the lawn and yard care, or you are aware from the home and need someone who is around to take care of daily maintenance, sharing the workload is a good reason to share a home.

Renting a Storage Unit Can Make It Possible to Rent Out a Room

If you have more bedrooms than you are using, you may be thinking: Technically I have an extra bedroom but it is full of things I need. Ask yourself if you really do need it after all. If you do, ask yourself if you can store it a self-storage unit.

You may wonder why you would spend money to store items to bring in a roommate. The truth is that renting a storage unit is likely much more affordable than you realize. Learn more by stopping by our convenient location or calling Spaceman Storage at 562-696-3924 to learn more.